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This covers the detailed analysis of the Daily Newspaper. All the important articles and editorials of 'The Hindu' are covered strictly from the UPSC examination point of view.

" You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water "

- Tagore

Similarly, One can’t clear the CSE just by dreaming and reading success stories. One has to take a step and leap forward. One has to overcome the procrastination and should start reading the necessary material and practice mock papers to succeed in the exam.

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It is an important subject for both Preliminary and Main Exam. It is broadly divided into Physical Geography and Human Geography

Indian History

Indian History is a very important and vast topic in UPSC exam. It is further divided into Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern history of India

Indian Polity

It is all about Constitution, individual’s rights, duties, power, functions and responsibilities of various institutions of administration


Indian Economy is backbone of the preparation for Prelims and remained as one of the difficult and favourite areas for UPSC exam

Science & Technology

Like other subjects it is important to prioritize sub-topics from science and technology. Technology is more preferred for main examination


Environment and Ecology is one of the important subject as questions have been asked frequently from this section

Internal Security

Internal Security is one of the most interesting topic in mains preparation where one can get assured marks easily, as it is asked every year

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

Ethics of human in public and private relationships and administration.Aptitude & foundational values of civil servies

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Interesting articles to start with
Life Style

To be well, all we need to have perfect lifestyle


“Money is not everything in life, but earn enough money to do whatever you wanted to do.”
-Warren Buffet

Health and fitness

Important aspect of our life to be both physically and mentally strong

Internet and technology

Technnology saves your precious time and enhances security in every area of your life


Food is the basic need of every living organism. It is what human beings and animals eat to survive.

Explore places

Exploring new places will make my understand different types of people of different cultures tradition,etc. Travelling new places will make a person healthy and creative.

Arts and Entertainment

Entertainment makes our busy and stressful life into joyful and happy life.It makes our lives lighter and affect our moods.


How difficult is life without being spiritual ? Spiritual science is most supreme of other sciences. To know the meaning and purpose of life one has to be spiritual.

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